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INTERNATIONAL FUEL INJECTION EXPORTS is one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of feed pumps for automotive industry.

We have many experts and engineers to provide our customers upto date Feed Pumps technological support.

Our products are being exported to over 27 countries around the world.

They are being Used in various Industrial, Automotive, Agricultural Engines apart from being used on various Generator sets, Construcion Machines, Combine Machines.

㯭mercial Trucks & Bus
᧲icultural Tractors
㯮struction Machine
嬥ctronic Generators
�ine Engines

Our Range includes Full range of Feed Pumps made in Cast Iron and Aluminum Feed Pumps, as per OEM specifications and sizes.

We are well versed with OEM Part Numbers and have equivalents part numbers for Pumps produced by: Bosch, Mico, Zexel, Kiki, DTP etc.

Apart from the complete FeedPumps, we also provide all kinds of Handprimers: Steel with spring types, Aluminium types, Plastic Hand Primers. And various styles of Feed Pump Repair Kits and accessories.

Due to the unique nature of Feed Pumps, each Pump is tested leak free before being packaged and supplied. Most orders are made to customers individual specifications with regards to the choice of HandPrimers, Bowls (Glass or Plastic or Aluminium).  And this makes us Today the leading manufacturer & exporter of Feed Pumps and Feed Pumps Spares. Lead times for Feed Pumps production are 30 - 35 working days, unless the sizes required are a stock item......


The function of feed pump is to deliver the fuel from the fuel tank to fuel injection pump through the fuel filter.We are manufacturers & exporters of C.I.Feed Pump, Steel Feed Pumps

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